January 2023; a Beginning of Positive Vibe, New Opportunity and Epic Monster Hunter Routine!

New year, old routine, another chapter of 365-pages book.


Amar feat Yossienta

2/10/20232 min read

Hello, 2023 just begin!

We started 2023 with positive vibes. Though, there were no special celebration in our family to celebrate the new year. Instead, we slept during the night and wakeup earlier as a gratitude of the new 2023. We just felt quite old to dance during the night with 2 kids. So, good choice, tho.

During the first week of 2023, Adeeva become really cheerful and excited to go to her kindergarten. Now, she always asking whether tomorrow is holiday or not. And she will be sad if knowing tomorrow will be off. Not sure why, but I’m happy knowing my dear daughter finally get her sweet spot after 2 years lock down + 1 year self-relocation process in which very mentally consuming.

Quite similar with Omaras, our dear son. He grows up more intuitive and attractive. He gained quite a lot of sensory development for growing up toddler. He also love doing kids zumba as a morning routine.

As a boy, his favorite action figure is power rangers and combine it with a policeman-thing. To make a role play game more intuitive and real, Amar bought him a set of police-man role play toys and Omar quite busy to inspect and hunting monster everyday as a Blue Rangers Police Man. Sometimes he forced Amar to join him as the team member for hunting the monsters around the house.

Knowing our kids really enjoy the moment, Yossienta now facing another purpose of her life to re-start the career journey again as copywriter. She was a staff in Indonesian Embassy in Croatia and works at publication stuff. As she also the “mind” for letsflowfamily.com mastering writing skill will be their next stop to improve her experience (Ps: please visit her portfolio here).

As for Amar, he always try to improve knowledge in design field. On 1st January, he got a chance to have a mentorship session with one of his role model designer, Cendhika Kharisma. He’s really humble and gave amazing insight for Amar's career. They talked about design, career, and working culture more or less 1 hour. One of his insight is about be a impactful designer in organization. The message really stuck in head and encourage how to be better professional in work.

The past month, we also had a chance to visit Vilnius Light Festival. The fabulous laser and modern light installation around the city which not only attract the adults but also the kiddos. Our very first walking in Vilnius at night which really left a difference experience. Maybe once in lifetime to feel the 700 years old Vilnius which brightly shinning on that night. Su gimtadieniu Vilinus!