Day 8 Summer Fun in Kaunas: Follow your Gut and Being Present is Enough



7/10/20231 min read

mirror photography of trees and house
mirror photography of trees and house

Our today's journal will a bit different. Unlike our other previous journal on how to this and that, today we will just depict what being our head's worry recently.

If you may remember, a few day ago, we are still in doubt on whether to always make an incredible summer journey for our kids or just being ordinary is enough (?)

Is this method even good for our kiddos?

Does this make some aspect of our parenting become too much exhausted?

Such as today, we are still at home all day due to lack of energy after previous trip. Our son quite busy with his mouthful lollipop while our daughter is enjoying her potato chips.

We spend the day with picnic mimicking in balcony, read borrowed book from local library, uncountable colouring and painting time and repeat. Mostly at home. 

At the end of the day;

We still have our kiddos happy face,

their big smiles,

their good mood,

and even not complaining on being -such a boring day-,

This circumstance seems bring us a message; don't feel guilty for being 'not busy parents' on this summer.

It is totally okay for cutting some slacks and letting go of the pressure to create summer magic for our kiddos.

Because summer or not, your kids will be thankful to you for just being present. Your presence.