Day 13 Summer Fun in Kaunas: Hi IKEA, Thank You for being our Saviour!



7/31/20231 min read

In a point, we came to a situation in which it is so hard to get kids being outdoor in a long time.

We try to buy some wooden toys (as we commit to slowly reduce our use on plastic kids toys), but seems that it is not enough.

We try to evaluate and put some toys rotation, because the sign of toys' boredom clearly appear on them.

The first thing come in our mind, in terms of buying a new set for completing the kids playroom:

  • it must be wooden things

  • can increase their creativity as they begin to love drawing, coloring and painting

  • something that can be a long life (not only seasonal)

  • online - can be delivered to our house - we didn't want to held a circus show during store visit, plus it's not effective for our family to bring a big box at Kaunas bus (we don't have car at this moment).

And finally, our decision come to MÅLA Series by IKEA!

As in Kaunas, there is only a IKEA Takeaway, just a small scale IKEA with limitation on its product. That's why, if we are looking for specific product, we need to either put an online order through IKEA LT Website and pick it up at IKEA Kaunas (for free) or directly deliver it to our home (delivery fee applied).