Day 12 Summer Fun in Kaunas: Celebrating Sunday Free Museum



7/30/20231 min read

If asked on where will your family go for weekend? We (try to) certainly answer: museum! Not only because there are several museums in Kaunas that we haven't visit, but also there is a free museum visit every last Sunday of the month from municipality.

Obviously agree that visiting museum is kinda a journey through time, a way to preserving the past to meet the present. Lithuania is not that crowded countries in Europe, with only 3 mil population, but we love how the government put a special attention to preserve its culture and concern on its citizen's well-being; one of them is this free museum program.

Of course, this vastly impact on our family routine. Dunno but it warmth our heart when we see a museum is filled with family with kids, teenagers, the youth, the grannies and knowing it already become their routine.

So to celebrate this, today we decided to visit M.K. Čiurlionis Museum of Art. For regular day, this museum fee is 10 euro/adult, free for kids up to 7yo. So it will be 20 euro in total for our family. And today it is free. We didn't pay anything.

Personally, this is the best indoor museum and art gallery that we've been visited (so far) in Kaunas.

The vibes, ambiance, and the collections; melt our hot summer mood in a day.

There is a cozy cafe with outdoor greeneries view and a kid playroom with an introduction of folk toys, crafts and traditional fabric.

Here is our experience in display 😉