Day 11 Summer Fun in Kaunas: Found a Fun in Contempo Festival



7/29/20232 min read

It was the end of July in Kaunas which means..... the beginning of performing art and festival called Contempo. The festival taken place in several different place in Kaunas and Kaunas Rajonas. There will be some performances during the 7-10 days festivals and of course, kids gonna love too!

"Mom, it is so much fun!"

Said our kids when we stopped by for one of its program called Pelat by Joan Catala. It was a performing art in which the performer bring along a huge and big wooden pole that represent not only strength, movement, tension but also body poetry.

For us, it is a kinda unique experience, because we previously know that performing arts mean we just sit down, watch the show until it finished and keep the memory along but through this kind of festival, we just figured out that it can be a such an interactive performance which involved spontaneous participation from us.

The second performance we stopped by is for Inertie by Cie Underclouds. It was taken place in the same venue (Students Square) -just a few meter from Pelat performance. This performance combined 2 art forms; installation and performance. For us, Inertie somehow give an interpretation of finding balance; in love, in relationships, in life, even in the saddest phase of ours. It imagined us with finding a quick and dynamic turns in every movement we made and we faced. It is such a poetical movement which only us (ourself) can find its interpretation.

Contempo, one of the most prominent festival in Kaunas, which the joyous moments not only excite the kids, but also the adults. From an adults only performance, to a kids-involved performance, each elements will join the happiness. Just follow their social media to keep update of its upcoming events, next summer.


  • This festival is one of can't be missed excitement and joy for having fun in Kaunas summer.

  • It usually taken place between end of July until beginning of August and had been running for 4 years from 2019.

  • Some performance are for free, but there are some paid performance too, which usually spent for 10-15 euro.

  • I bet you will put this to your summer-to-do in Kaunas for the next year! 😉